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T5 User Manual

Getting started with the T5 Safety App

The T5 safety app is designed to simplify and improve the safety process for site workers and safety management alike. The app automates many of the repetitive steps in undertaking a hazard or risk analysis and it utilises current personal device technology to speed up the entire process that traditionally has been known to take up to a week and reduce it to around 5 minutes. That includes completing the safety report, emailing the report and automatically creating and attaching a data file which can be easily uploaded into a spreadsheet or database for analysis. So how does it work....

T5 User Manual V5.0.pdf

Completing the User Profile - The first time you open the T5 app it will open the profile page. This is where you enter all your personal business information starting with your Company Name, Employee Name, Employee ID#, Job Title, Department, Employee Contact Number, Supervisor Details, Supervisor, Supervisor Contact No., Emergency No., Email address, the email addresses of report recipients. You can also import your company logo and enter all the repetitive information required to personalise safety reports to each personal device user.

Once the user has completed and saved their "User Profile" the user is returned to the main menu and the first time they open the T5 they are introduced the both a Hierarchy of Control and Risk Matrix graphic. This only happens once. The second time you open the app it will open at the menu screen (see below) but you can always get back into the profile from the start up screen should you need to edit the profile to change personnel or site information. You should also remember the icon in the top left hand corner of your device screen is the home button always returning the user to the main menu.

T5, H5, P5, S5 & I5 - Essentially the start up screen is the menu that provides a user access to the 5 modules available in our safety suite. As you enter each module the icon at the top left identifies the module you are in. This is also the home button returning you to the main menu.  You can now have your company logo appear on the start up screen and you can now add your own company hierarchy and risk graphics to the app in place of the generic T5 safety graphics. The suite has grown into a well rounded safety application that is beneficial to a wider range of companies dedicated to keeping their people safe and their reporting processes compliant.

If you are familiar with Take5 cards or booklets used on mining or construction sites you should have no problems negotiating the T5 module. Simply touching the T5 button takes you into the T5. The users name, the date and time are automatically inserted into the T5 form. Only the data the user needs to enter like the task being undertaken will need to be typed in the task field, enter the location or touch geographic locator button to pinpoint your location. Then using the yes or no buttons answer the risk and hazard analysis questions. Answering in the affirmative will take you to the next question, answering in the negative will require further information. Once all the questions are completed touch the submit button and your report plus a CSV file will be emailed to all the recipients stipulated in the users profile.

Traditionally a hazard report is a hand written form that is submitted to the safety manager and acted upon in accordance with the danger associated with the reported hazard. On most sites hazards are often overlooked to avoid the paperwork which can mean... having to get the form from the office, filling it out and submitting it to the manager. This sounds simple enough but if you working onsite it often means a diversion from the tasks at hand, retrieving the form which could mean a visit to the admin or bosses office and many consider this a waste of time. The H5 on the other hand if its on your phone is already available to the user. Touch the H5 button and like the T5 personal data is automatically entered along with the date and time stamp. Type the hazard in the provided field, type in your location or touch the geographic locator, take a series of photos of the hazard and touch the submit button and the report and photos are emailed to supervisors, safety managers and all other recipients entered in the users profile.

A vehicle or equipment pre-start check is another common document used by many businesses requiring their vehicles or equipment to be checked prior to operation. The P5 is the app version that basically eliminates the paperwork requiring some base information about the vehicle/equipment and then the user is presented with and easy to use radio button checklist that on completion is immediately emailed to the Fleet Manager / Workshop Manager or any other recipient requiring proof that the vehicle / equipment was checked prior to use. The P5 has been upgraded in this version so that it can retain previously entered information to reduce the amount of data entry required.

The Safety Check (S5) is a very simple observation checklist and does the job of an onsite safety observation card traditionally completed by onsite workers and collected by safety personnel as part of a continual improvement quality control process. Depending on staff resources many of these observations are collected and stored but the data, for some businesses, never sees the light of day and is rarely utilised to its full potential. This can happen for a multitude or reasons but normally it's because of insufficient staff resources and time.

The Incident Report (I5) is the most recent addition and the first reactive module to be added to the suite. The I5 simply records the details of an incident regardless of whether or not it is a near miss or the worse possible onsite occurrence. It records the incident type, severity, details, witnesses, third party details, injury, property damage, etc, and allows the user to take photo's and send them with the report via email to any required or designated recipient.