The future in app based safety...

Eliminating hazards and risks for the price of a cup of coffee is not only cost effective safety but a solid investment in peace of mind.

Take5apps takes out this years Hunter Safety Award...

On Friday 17th March Take5apps accepted the 2017 Hunter Safety Award for Most Innovative WHS Idea for a SME. A finalist in last years award, the recognition as winner in this years awards has meant a great deal to Take5apps. The judges for this years selection come from highly placed construction and industry businesses that place great emphasis on safety. Our nomination adds to the credibility of the T5 safety app. It confirms that we are on track with our vision and in our move toward paperless preventative safety for the modern onsite workplace.
Take5apps would like to thank the Hunter Safety Awards for this years award as well as our customers and support network. Thank you all.

Warm regards

Eliminate your printing costs for good and reduce your data collection costs across the board...

Using the Take5 safety app completely eliminates the need for printed take5 booklets, hazard report forms or preprinted pre-start checklists. A small one off cost for the T5 safety app per personal device and that's it. Except for your internet costs, which you are already paying, there are absolutely no more on-costs.

The time it takes to fill out the app and send it to management not only reduces time but also in the amount of staff required to collect the data and process it. Not to mention improved compliance for QMS continual improvement processes.

Remember, using the T5 app doesn't only work toward your workers safety, which is paramount, but it significantly reduces processing time and eliminates the on-costs from your bottom line. If you're serious about safety you have to consider the T5 app.

A 5 minute risk assessment...

The T5 app  contains 3 separate safety products that are already common to the safety process in many businesses. The Take5 is designed as the first part of an overall safety suite. Familiar to all large construction, industrial manufacturing and mining businesses, the Take5 is normally a small pocket book or card that a worker or contractor uses to evaluate the hazards and risks associated with an individual task.

What we have done is replace that pocket book with an app that automates the process providing instantaneous reporting as soon as the T5 has been completed and submitted by the worker. It is simple, it is fast and it is now possible to know who has completed the Take5 only minutes after the reports have been submitted.

The T5 (Take5) is a form-based app and if you are familiar with paper based Take5 booklets then you will know how to use and complete a Take5. One of the main differences is that your personal, date and time stamp information is always automatically entered and once completed the Take5 is automatically delivered to all recipients nominated in the T5's user profile

A 5 minute hazard report...

The H5 makes reporting on site hazards faster than ever before. Sure it may not be quicker than a phone call but you can send a fully compliant hazard report to your supervisor in minutes and you know when your done, its on record. Without exaggeration a hazard report complete with description, ranking, geographic location, photo's and with an automatic date and time stamp - can be completed from start to finish and on the safety managers desk, depending of course on the size of the hazard, in mere minutes. The sooner hazards are reported, the safer your employees will be!

The H5 (Hazard5) is a form-based app and if you are familiar with Hazard reports you will again know how to use and complete a Hazard5 report. All personal information, date and time stamp is automatically entered upon submitting the H5 report but the addition of the GPS locator and camera application adds a couple of smart features that were truly designed for this type of application. This app does not need a great deal of explanation, just follow the prompts and your hazard report is on its way.

A 5 minute pre-start check...

The P5 is our pre-start checklist for equipment and vehicles. It is a simple checklist that assists in determining the condition of your equipment or vehicle prior to its use or operation as an administrative safeguard and on completion can be sent directly to the workshop manager or any other nominated recipients. 

Once again, it gets rid of the paperwork and can be completed by the driver or operator before leaving the depot and delivered to the fleet manager quite literally as soon as the driver/operator presses submit, before they actually exit the yard or turn on the machine. This new level of efficiency will please both workers and management.

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