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Version 6 available NOW...

Version 6, is Five safety reporting modules for five dollars, enabling five transmittable reports to multiple recipients in a bid to highlight safe work practices and improve the capture and collection of safety data. Also there are No ONGOING Fees!!!

New Features...

What's NEW in the T5? We constantly listen to our customers and make improvements that enhances the experience and improves safety reporting for the user and management.
* Homepage now has centralised logo area
* T5 - Now has Camera Facility
* S5 - 5 minute Safety Check, Now with selectable N/A facility.
* I5 - 5 minute Incident Report.
* Use your own companies safety graphics of Heirachy of control and risk graphics
* Prestart 5 can now retain vehicle data. Added Fuel level to the report.

Can I have the Take5app Customised?

Yes You can!
We can create a customised solution for your organisation.We can tailor the app to your business needs, from customising the look and feel to changing or adding the appropriate Risk and Hazard questions that meet your OH&S framework.To better understand your requirements just click on the blue link below and we will get back to you promptly.

Can I have the T5 customised?
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T5 (Risk Assessment)

The T5 app  contains 5 separate safety modules that are already common to the safety processes used in many businesses today. The T5 module is  the first module of an overall safety suite. Familiar to all large construction, industrial manufacturing and mining businesses, a Take-5 is normally a small pocket book or card that a worker or contractor uses to evaluate the hazards and risks associated with an individual task prior to the commencement of work.

What we have done is replace that pocket book with an app that automates the process providing instantaneous reporting as soon as the T5 has been completed and submitted by the worker. It is simple, it is fast and a safety manager and/or site supervisor can know who has completed the Take5 only seconds after it has been submitted.

The T5 module is a form-based checklist and if you are familiar with paper based Take5 booklets then you will know how to use and complete a T5. The main differences is that your personal, date and time stamp information is always automatically entered and once completed the Take5 is automatically delivered to all nominated recipients in the T5's user profile

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H5 (Hazard5)

The H5 makes reporting on site hazards faster than ever before. It may not be quicker than a phone call but a phone call doesn't send a fully compliant hazard report to your supervisor and you know once submitted, its on record. Without exaggeration a hazard report complete with description, ranking, geographic location, photo's and with an automatic date and time stamp - can be completed from start to finish and on the safety managers desk, depending of course on the size of the hazard to be reported, in mere minutes. The sooner hazards are reported, the safer your employees will be!

The H5 (Hazard5) is a form-based module and if you are familiar with Hazard reports you will again know how to use and complete a Hazard5 report. All personal information, date and time stamp is automatically entered upon submitting the H5 report but the addition of the GPS locator and camera application adds a couple of smart features that were truly designed for this type of application. This app does not need a great deal of explanation, just follow the prompts and your hazard report is on its way.

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P5  (Pre-start check)

The P5 is our pre-start checklist for equipment and vehicles. It is a simple checklist that assists in determining the condition of your equipment or vehicle prior to its use or operation as an administrative safeguard and on completion can be sent directly to the workshop manager or any other nominated recipients. 

The P5 has been upgraded in this version and now remembers vehicles or equipment that has been entered previously eliminating the need for repeat data entry.

Once again, it gets rid of the paperwork and can be completed by the driver or operator before leaving the depot and delivered to the fleet manager quite literally as soon as the driver/operator presses submit, before they actually exit the yard or turn on the machine. This new level of efficiency will please both workers and management.

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S5 (Safety Check)

The S5 is the equivalent of a safety observation checklist and can be completed by a site supervisor, safety officer or any safety conscious personnel observing a specific work task. The S5 can be completed and forwarded to a supervisor or safety manager (regardless of location) providing an on the spot report of either positive safe-work practices or antithetically identifying high risk work practices that need immediate rectification.

This will suit worksites that require their contractors to complete safety observations on a regular basis. It will remove the need to collect SO cards by being delivered directly to the email accounts of those personnel requiring these reports or the CSV files can contribute to the safety data needed to assist in the quality or continual improvement process.

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I5  (Incident report)

The I5 is our app version of an incident report that can be done on the spot to capture a first hand account that is fresh in the mind of an onsite reporter. On completion it can then be immediately sent to the appropriate supervisory, management or safety personnel or all three, so that the important details and photos can arrive via email within minutes of the incident actually happening. 

Once again, it gets rid of the paperwork but it is a legitimate report that can be completed by the onsite worker or witness and can be submitted immediately. This will please workers as it eliminates paperwork and it will please management because of the speed in which a date and time stamped report is provided. Once again the elimination of having to reenter the workers background information speeds the whole process up in getting the report to those who really need to see it as quickly as possible.

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