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Setting up the app

The initial setup is quick and easy. When using the app for the first time you simply enter all your personal business information including company and employee details, as well as email addresses of report recipients. After you've completed and saved your user profile, you are are introduced both a Hierarchy of Control and Risk Matrix graphic, which you can replace with you own individual graphics. Remember, this information only has to be entered once and it's saved for future use!

Navigating the app

The start up screen gives you direct access to the 5 modules available in our safety suite. As you enter each module the icon at the top left identifies the module you are in. You can also have your company logo appear on the start up screen and add your own company hierarchy and risk graphics to the app in place of the generic T5 safety graphics. Inside each module – depending if it's a reporting or a checklist module – you can enter the necessary report details and tick off the appropriate items on the checklist. Easy!

Download the T5 user manual
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I re-email or delete my historical reports?

At the top right of the screen for each of the app modules you can click on the history button to enter your historical records. Once you enter the ‘History’ you will see a list of your reports. At the top right replacing the history button is an edit button. Click on the edit button and each report becomes selectable. You now have the option of selecting one or multiple reports and either re-emailing them or deleting them.

I want to send the report as a PDF. How can i do this?

Simply forward the report to and add to the CC section in the profile.


Can I have the app customised for my company?

Yes, we are able to customise for individual companies. Go to our customisations page to learn more.

Can I change some of the questions on any of the modules?

You can't change the questions directly inside the app, but we can customise the app and make these changes for you. Go to our customisations page to learn more.

Can I add my company logo?

Yes, you can! At the bottom of the profile section where the users and distribution details are entered is a provision for you to upload your company logo which will be displayed on the app's home screen. For this to work, make sure your logo is saved to your media on your device, not in the downloads or in the cloud.


Are we able to bulk purchase for companies or large project groups?

Both Apple and Google have purchase programs available that allow organisations to purchase, manage and distribute their apps to their personnel or personal devices without losing their licensing for the apps they purchase. This allows the purchaser to maintain their ownership of their apps and effectively manage and distribute and even recall their apps from personal devices to redistribute to another.

Apple - Volume Purchase Program for Business (VPP) -

Google for Work | Android -

Is there any additional cost to email the reports?

The only costs incurred by the T5 App Suite is the initial purchase price and the cost of email. Most businesses already have a data plan in place for their business internet so email is already being paid for. Therefore the cost of your email reports will be negligible.


How do I get back to the home screen?

The icon at the top left of the screen not only indicates what module you are in but it is also the home button.

The app does not open or closes unexpectedly.

Try restarting your device, or removing it by uninstalling the app and trying again. If you are still having issues get in touch with us via our contact page so we can assist you.

Does the Take5 App Suite collect any information?

No, all information is controlled by the user.

Can I have the Take 5 App customised? Yes you can!

We can tailor the app to your business needs, from customising the look and feel to changing or adding the appropriate Risk and Hazard questions that meet your OH&S framework. Take a look at which features we can customise for you and submit your requirements.

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